December 1, 2023

As many website owners know, when you engage in website marketing through article writing, the more articles you produce the more effective your strategy is. One way to increase your article production is through outsourcing. But since outsourcing is not within every website owner’s budget, another way is to produce multiple articles yourself. Here is how you can write articles fast enough to have an effective marketing strategy.

1) Generate a list of main topics on the same subject matter. By keeping the topics similar, when it comes time to writing, the similarity will spark familiarity. When the information is fresh in your head, the articles will flow easily from one to the next.

2) For each main topic, create a title. Since titles are what initially sell the articles, they should be as interesting and eye catching as possible. In addition, you will need to insert keywords into the title to help increase your search engine optimization.

3) Next, create a list of sub-topics. There are two approaches here. Since the subject matter is the same, one long list is fine because the sub-topics are essentially interchangeable between articles. You can also list the subtopics directly under each title. Four to five sub-topics per article will suffice. These are your roadmaps that will guide your writing and increase your speed.

4) Time yourself on a watch or clock. For each successive article, try to push yourself to go a little faster. You will be amazed at how fast your speed increases with this exercise. Within a few days, you should be able to complete one article in 15-20 minutes, or 3-4 articles per hour.

5) Line up the articles one after the other. The combination of having each article outlined, all having similar subject matter and your push to beat the clock, will substantially increase your article production.

The key to writing articles fast is to create a system or assembly line. The similarity and organization streamlines the process and enhances your speed in a very short duration. This system will not only exponentially increase your article production, but it will increase your quality because of its inherent organization.