April 23, 2024

Hey Folks,

I was recently at a conference with my colleagues and heard from one of the top entrepreneurs in my business the ultimate in explanation for what defines an entrepreneur. Most people use the word entrepreneur very loosely and I think that the following will set the record straight.

An Entrepreneur is:

1. personally growing
2. always learning
3. looking for opportunities everywhere
4. seeking advice from qualified people
5. invests in their future
6. is willing to pay a price
7. supports their own business
8. developing others
9. a blessing to their community
10. always developing people skills
11. an ambassador for their business
12. takes responsibility
13. understands that for every adversary carries with it the seed of equal benefit
14. has long term thinking
15. knows that success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile endeavor
16. sets goals and works towards those goals

Entrepreneurs create jobs and fuel the economy

This is the most concise collection of the characteristics of an entrepreneur that I have ever heard and is truly the heartbeat of what characteristics are necessary to truly succeed as a business owner. The Entrepreneur is a rare breed. It takes guts and determination to manifest greatness in one’s life. It takes the ability to lead others and sometimes be humble.

In today’s society Entrepreneurship is almost looked down on by the average Joe or Jane and here is why. People don’t believe enough in themselves so when someone stands above the crowd and tries to do something great and above average with their lives, they are looked down upon. An Entrepreneur learns to stand above the crowd and press forward. Entrepreneurs have a burning desire backed by faith and determination ; A Winning combination that every worthwhile endeavor demands for complete fruition.

See you at the top,

Josh Boxer