July 18, 2024
U.S. Air Force Personnel Claim UFO’s Disabled Nuclear Missiles

It is my understanding that Robert Hastings, author of UFO’s and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, claims that if there is ever a nuclear attack – North Korea, Iran, Pakistan – wherever – that nuclear payback would not happen. These former “nuke guardians” for the U.S. Air Force claims to have either witnessed first hand or were told of other servicemen that witnessed a UFO aircraft essentially disabling United States nuclear weapons systems, including the one in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Later, in what was then the Soviet Ukraine, Russia claims that a similar incident occurred in 1982 – hence the claim that “extraterrestrial beings are interested in the world’s nuclear arms race…” What I don’t understand? How does that equate to… and may be sending humans a message”. WTF? People always have to take things to the extreme.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, do you believe in aliens? Can you fathom the idea that there are extra-terrestrial beings in a universe unknown? Most of us are dumbfounded and unsure. It is after all ludicrous but, IS IT?

Now, that being said, it was also reported that at the National Press Club (That is where they were in Washington – not Capitol Hill testifying) these seven former servicemen recounted personal sightings or reports from subordinates regarding UFO’s “hovering” over nuclear missile silos or storage areas in the 1960′s, 70′s and 80′s. It goes on to say that three of seven that went to Washington hadn’t even actually seen the UFO’s themselves…

BUT, were able to recount that they “appeared to have temporarily deactivated some of the nuclear missiles” based on being told by other subordinates. What is the three that really don’t know anything at all even doing there? Moral support for the wacko?

Let me ask you something.

How many of you have seen a UFO? lol… I ask this because I have. Now, granted, it was usually something silly like a satellite but…there are many of us that have wondered and I mean seriously wondered. I do believe that extra-terrestrials do exist (interestingly enough – the Catholics are allowed to believe this now too) but, I think that Robert Hastings probably saw something that scared the shit out of him and he truly does believe it to be UFO’s. But, I personally think that Hastings is taking this too far… almost like it’s a sickness now.

It’s more of a gut feeling because I think that if the Government thought this was really an issue they would conduct an investigation – yes, there have been investigations but – I just think that if there was any merit to this claim the government would try to make the information “classified” therefore, rendering the servicemen incapable of discussing it outside of approved, controlled environments.

I also wonder why this outside force quit “monitoring” nuclear weapons systems after the 1980′s – or did they? You would think that if this has happened someone would have tweeted it by now…