April 23, 2024

The familiarity of street accidents may sound foreign to some, but these kinds of accidents happen quite often. They can cause serious injury. Sidewalks and streets are required to be maintained on a regular basis. The busier the sidewalk the more maintenance it may need, this is required to help prevent these kinds of accidents.

The possibility of a pedestrian accident due to uneven pavement can happen while taking a simple walk around the neighbourhood. Broken bones and other injuries occur from faulty streets and sidewalks in just about any location.

What is Pedestrian Accidents?

A pedestrian accident is defined as a slip or trip on a sidewalk or street that involves some type of injury.

Claim compensation for Accidents

If you are involved in a street accident, then you may be liable for accident claim compensation. Accident claims will help to compensate the street-accident victim, in return helping to pay for any medical bills or damage done to personal property. Accident claims compensation that is filed must follow specific guidelines in order to prove third-party guilt. Normally, the local highway authority or council is responsible for the upkeep of these streets and sidewalk.

Things to do following an Accidents

Always note the time and date of the accident and if there was a witness to the accident, make sure it is documented.

Photographs/CCTV recordings are better than words in determining who is at fault for a street accident. If at all possible a photograph of the obstruction of the sidewalk or street, perhaps with some scale, such as a ruler, will help to show the responsible parties negligence in maintaining the sidewalk or street.

If a photo is taken immediately following the accident, this will prove the damages that occurred during the street accident. A doctor’s visit after an accident that has resulted in any type of injury is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. If a street accident occurs, a doctor will document any injuries, medical attention, medication or procedure that may take place due to the accident.

Always contact a good solicitor who specializes in street accident claims, as they have years of experience dealing with such types of cases and then can help you recover full compensation.