April 23, 2024

When you go to most of the article directories in the list in the Appendix, or when you find them online, most of them will require that you sign up to be an article author or submitter.

The easiest way to do this is to sign up for many of them in the same sitting, as most of them require a confirmation email in order to complete the sign up phase. The easiest way to do this is to go, one by one, to each of the article directories and fill out the required information, and when you are finished, they will send you a confirmation email. While you are waiting for the confirmation emails to come in, continue to sign up with the rest of the article directories, assembly-line style. When you have finished signing up with the article directories, all of the confirmation emails should have come in. At that point, you can go through the confirmation emails one by one, completing the confirmation process for all the article directories in one sitting. One thing to keep in mind here is that a lot of the article directory confirmation links will only be live for a day or two, so be sure and schedule time to go click on the links in the confirmation emails before they will expire.

Submitting to Article Directories

Once you have confirmed your author status with the article directories, and you have written your first article, you are ready to begin submitting the articles.

The first time you do this, it will feel slow and tedious, but you will get more efficient with time. There is a lot of copying and pasting involved in getting the article and the bio from your file to the article directory, and until you get efficient at that, you will be a little slow.

At this point, you may be asking, well what about the article submission software I see advertised?

First, before you try out any article submission software, be sure and do it by hand for a few times so that you will truly understand the benefits and the disadvantages to automatically submitting your articles.

A few things to note about article submission software.

If the article submission software is truly automatic, it is going to be unable to do a great job of making it look like the article submission is done by hand, or personal. A lot of the article directories are proud of their website and when they allow automatic submitters to submit articles to their site, the quality of the articles tends to go down, as spammers try to submit as many articles as possible, many times of poor quality, for the sake of getting their backlink to propagate over the web.

If the article submission software is not truly automatic, you are still taking a lot of time to do the submissions, although it can speed up the process some.

I have personally tried one of the automatic submitters and was not happy with the performance. Because my personal primary strategy is that of writing many articles and submitting them to a very select few article directories rather than mass submitting to many article directories, I have simply chosen not to use or investigate article submitters. However, if your article submission strategy is instead to write a few number or articles, but submit them to multiple article directories, it might be in your best interest to look into purchasing quality article submission software.