July 18, 2024
SEO Method – How to Do Search Engine Optimization

The question is how to do search engine optimization work?

If you think that sending the URL of your site / blog Google or other top search engines, Yahoo, MSN, etc will magically make your site appear in search results, guess what? Its cannot be happen. And if you seriously believe that you can use one of these SEO services that submit your website to 500 search engines suggestions for a few dollars… Guess what? This is not going to happen (you get the best positioning in Google quickly), then you will find your site blacklisted for the spamming. How to save your money? I’ll give you some tips for SEO work and everything you need to do is work a bit

Google loves link popularity – is that the more sites that link to their growing popularity, and therefore the quality of your site. So start make good relation with others webmaster. In other words, know who your competition, and other sites in the same company and how to shoot an email to politely ask their webmasters or they would be interested in exchanging links with you. More links to quality means that in the eyes of GoogleBot and notorious that a higher ranking on search results pages of Google, and that means more traffic to your website.

We go through next step how to do search engine optimization. When we have a website/blog, make sure update or add new content regularly such as one new content every day. Content is king. Googlebot want to know that your business is alive. Write new articles related to your products or services you provide. Start blogging and forum because there is much information you can get to make sure your web/blog look real. It’s good for search engine and your future customers.

Last but not least to to do search engine optimization work is optimizing your site with keyword that use in your content article. When you write your article make sure to put keyword in your article. Put the keyword in the title, the beginning of sentences, and closing. But you do not enter too many keywords because SEO will because considered as keyword stuffing. Learn to write simple article, visitors want instant, accurate information about your products or services.