December 2, 2023

So you’re a PPC / SEM, Pay Per Click / Search Engine Marketing expert, and you want to turn a profit for your skills. Well maybe you have tried the affiliate route, and have decided that is not for you, or maybe it is working but not quite doing the trick in terms of income you are seeking.

Expert PPC analysts are now in high demand as businesses are quickly turning to the internet with their advertising dollars, many times replacing some of the traditional print media ads of the past. Regardless, the opportunity is there for anyone with good PPC managing skills.

A good PPC manager needs to be able to not only construct a good campaign in terms of keyword selection and ad copy, by also be familiar with installation and monitoring of all tracking mechanisms available, such as Google’s conversion tracking and Analytics.

The PPC Manager needs to be familiar with Yahoo’s Search Marketing, Google’s AdWords, MSN’s Adcenter, and be able to adapt to other niche second tier search engines like Amazon’s Clickriver or Business.Com.

The PPC Analyst or Manager also needs the business know how to relate to potential clients if you are going to work on a freelance or consultative basis, rather than working as a manager for a single company.

The great thing about knowing PPC & SEM is that so many businesses need to tap into the online marketplace, and it just so happens that SEM and PPC, other than SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is probably one of the most in demand areas right now for marketing initiatives.

Okay so now where can you market yourself and your skills?

1. Craigslist – It’s Free! You can get great leads from advertising here.
2. Blogs – Make a blog (Also Free) and market yourself!
3. Website – Website – Website – Get a good website, setup a PPC campaign for it, and have it formatted so you get a good amount of leads in from your website!
4. Local Newspaper – Print Ads ARE getting cheaper!
5. Network with Other people in the field
6. Word of Mouth – “Viral Marketing”

Good Luck to all!