July 18, 2024
Promote an Ergonomic Jobsite With Anti-Fatigue Mats

Employee job-related fatigue can cost your company a lot of money, especially when workman’s compensation is involved. Working on hard floors day in and out can really be taxing on your employees. From back pain to leg, knee, and foot pain, an increase in physical stress for the worker becomes a reduction in productivity and overall output.

When working with hardwood, concrete, dirt, or other hard surfaces, anti-fatigue mats can really come in handy when it comes to protecting the workers. They save employees from slipping, tripping, and falling on hard surfaces. From retail and restaurant facilities to plant and manufacturing facilities, these mats also reduce the physical stress subjected upon company workers.

When choosing the right ergonomic mat for your business, consider these five important questions:

1. Is it National Floor Safety Institute tested and approved?
2. Is the anti-fatigue mat the best option for the environmental elements it will be exposed to in my facility?
3. Is the mat non allergenic, latex and silicone free?
4. What is the general life span of the mat when subjected to daily wear and tear?
5. How thick is the mat? Am I getting the maximum comfort available?
6. Is the anti-fatigue mat approved as static control flooring (if necessary)?
7. Does it contain an antimicrobial compound for food environments (if necessary)?
8. Is the mat available in a size that suits my business or are custom sizes available?
9. How easy is it to clean the anti-fatigue mat?

By investing in high quality ergonomic products, you save towards your bottom line by reducing workman’s comp cases, lowering your overall insurance costs, reducing employee sick days, and increasing employee productivity.

Make sure you select an antifatigue mat that works best for your company. If purchasing mats for your restaurant kitchen, you need a mat that can be subjected to grease, food, and water. It should generally have an antimicrobial compound to withstand mold and other environmental hazards and it must be able to be easily cleaned. When shopping for ergonomic mats for customer service employees in a retail establishment, you need to make sure the mats can withstand high heel shoes, prevents slipping, and, depending on your need, has static control. For assembly lines, the mat must be able to withstand a lot of weight, excessive use, and oil or other liquids.

Help improve your overall costs by investing in quality antifatigue mats for your employees. Reduce the physical pain that comes with working on hard surfaces for long hours at a time. Your employees will thank you, your productivity and output will increase, and you will be saving money and therefore improve your bottom line.