July 18, 2024
Network Marketing Tips For First Contact With a Prospect

Here are some network marketing tips for first contact with a prospect, involving making an excellent first impression. As we all know first impressions are everything in life and it’s no different in network marketing, so you must avoid making yourself look a desperate marketer. You need to present yourself as a smart and sincere person, because there are hundreds of network marketers out there, so you must show your prospects that you are one of the best.

It is important for network marketers to understand, that prospects will join them, not their primary business opportunity, so giving something of value during the first contact with them, such as a free e-book or introduction to some free training, will be a major factor as to whether or not they will follow into their primary business after a few weeks or months.

The difference in success between a desperate and a smart marketer is immense.

Desperate network marketers, will continually push and promote their primary business for their own ends, without a thought about what their prospects really need. All their energy goes into dragging any unsuspecting prospect into their web by promises they very rarely keep and continually sell them programs that are of little help. This way does not build any strong foundations or lasting relationships and will eventually lead to failure.

Smart network marketers know that people need to be sure, that their sponsors really care about them and will help them fulfil their goals, so it’s very important to be honest and sincere. Even before the prospect has joined their primary business, the smart marketer will provide everything the prospect needs, including helpful emails and tips. This way builds strong foundations and lasting relationships and will eventually lead to success.

The first phone conversation with any prospect, should start with asking if it’s convenient for them to take the call, and make it clear who you are, once that’s established the conversation should be all about them and their needs. When you ask why they want a network marketing business and what their goals are, it’s important to write them down for future conversations, as it impresses to remember.

Also, find out what the prospect needs from you and how quick do they need to achieve their goals, listen intently to their responses without interruption, making notes. The more you listen the more your prospect will consider you as a expert/mentor, which is what you are, because you will be supplying value to them.