July 17, 2024
Move To The Rear Bus Campaign

SBS Transit launched another education campaign to encourage desirable behaviour among commuters when taking public transport. (Note: for full article with photographs, please refer to the original article, url attached)

The first campaign is “Give Way to Bus Campaign”, where drivers are encouraged to give way to buses exiting bus bays. The logo on the right are found near bus stops with bus bays to alert vehicle drivers to give priority to buses.

The second is “Flag the Bus Early Campaign” where passengers are “encouraged to be on the constant lookout for the bus instead of listening to their mp3 players, reading the newspapers or SMS-ing their friends” so that they are able to flag the bus early enough for the bus to stop.

The third and newest campaign is “Move to the Rear Bus Campaign” where passengers are encouraged to “move to the rear of the bus for the sake of getting more people on the bus”.

My take on the three campaigns is that they seek to highlight to the relevant road users that there are uncontrollable factors beyond bus operators’ control which could affect bus journey. As such, they seek road users cooperation to fulfill their part of the responsibility so that problems can be reduced or eliminated. (Problems such as buses unable to exit bus bays, passengers complaints about buses not stopping at bus stops, or passengers unable to board the bus even though there are still sufficient capacity). Put it simply, these campaigns focuses on addressing the problems.

My take on the next campaign? “Press the bell early” campaign.