July 17, 2024
Lamborghini Is Getting Hammered By The Internet For Its Cringy Huracan Sterrato Ad

Lamborghini does some weird stuff to promote its brand. We’ve seen it hawk fragrances, sell apartment buildings, and create Spotify playlists based on engine sounds. For the launch of the Huracan Sterrato, Lamborghini was far more reserved and simply released promo videos. And boy oh boy does the internet hate it with the fire of 1,000 Aventador SVJs.

We actually showed it to you yesterday and it seems as though nobody in the comments had any direct reaction to it. The rest of the web though, they weren’t nearly as kind. “I think they had a massive budget, spent it all on booze, then remembered they had to make something, so they took all the bottles and cans back and made their film with the money from the empties,” one comment said on Twitter.

Another read “Did you get a 3 year old to pull this together and release while you had a long wine-filled lunch? has to be the only possible reason for it.” Not every single comment was totally negative though.

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For those of you who don’t have time or freedom to watch the video here’s the entire transcript of the speech found within:

This one’s for you
Concrete yearner
Tamer of curves
Master of speed
Wear your finest suit
Dirt is made for it
Let the showoff begin
On this new concrete
Spray paint powder on tires
That thrive on the rim
Dust is gold
Dirt’s for the bold
Block out the sun
Raising red clouds
On that dry ground
Make gravel rain down
Let adrenaline and fun collide
Spraying grains of dust aside
It’s no filth
This is design
Any amount of grime is fine
The more you get dirty
The more you’ll shine
Dust is gold
Dirt’s for the bold
Dust is gold
Dirt’s for the bold

One encouraging person said “don’t listen to the haters – this ad is my spirit animal. Next time I get in trouble for not cleaning the kitchen, you can bet your ass I’ll be dropping “it’s no filth, it’s design”.”

We’re not entirely sure what Lamborghini intended to convey. Maybe it was the utter confusion that some people will experience when they realize that they’re looking at a lifted Huracan. Maybe it’s the dismay some feel at Lamborghini’s decision to make an off-road-focused Huracan when they could’ve just built a proper LM002 successor.

Just imagine, there likely was a group of executives somewhere that first approved the idea behind this silly spoken-word ad but then, at some point, they saw it and said something akin to “yes, this is great, let’s run with it.”

Of course, we don’t know exactly how it came to fruition. Anybodies guess is as good as ours. One last comment that we’ll share said quite simply, “This advertisement feels like it was made by a high schooler. The product speaks for itself, so like, stop talking.”

It’s somewhat shocking that Lamborghini would produce an ad that seems to be (from our perspective at least), completely out of tune with its demographic. Sure, it aims at the less-drippy-than-they-realize (in other words, influencers) crowd all the time but can you imagine any of those folks actually hooning around in a Sterrato off-road?