April 23, 2024

Picture this – I see a job posting. I am fully qualified. I send my résumé. I hear nothing. I then repeat Step 1 (I see a job posting… etc.).

So, what do we think the problem is? Why is it that every time we submit a résumé for a job posting, it seems to disappear into the dark mysterious vacuum of the job search atmosphere? And, when you apply for a position you are really energized about, it never fails, that it is sent to a blind posting on a job board and you have no way of following up on your communication.

Think of it this way – when you are approached by a salesman (of any kind), what is it that either pulls you toward him / her, or pushes you away? And, who is the salesman of your job search? YOU are!

Here’s how a good job search plan compares to a strong marketing and sales plan.

Job Goal = Product Demand.
Job Skills = Product Features.
Job Accomplishments = What can the Product do?
Job Location = Territory Analysis.
Who is Hiring? = Who is the Customer?
Résumé = Sales Brochure / Material.
Job Networking = Marketing / Advertising.
Job Interview = Sales Call / Presentation.
Job Salary = What is the Product Price?
Job Offer = Closing the Sale!

It’s not always the best job candidate that gets the interview and the job, it’s who executes the job search plan (marketing and sales) the best. Remember, before any type of sale can be made, there has to be a marketing / advertising phase that let’s people know a product or service is even out there and available.

In job search, that product and service is you, and you are also the sales-person.