July 18, 2024
Ignite Network Marketing Review – Is Ignite a Good Business Or a Scam?

Ignite is an energy company that has combined energy deregulation with an income opportunity. It is based on a network marketing model of distribution, and has positioned itself as a unique opportunity in the marketplace. The bottom-line questions is simply this: Is Ignite a good opportunity, or an opportunity to pass on? We review that here.

Ignite: The Good

Was launched in January 2005 as an offset of Stream Energy in Texas. They have grown very quickly, and most of that is based on simplicity. They don’t have a large product line at all – they simply sell energy (the type that powers your house). The pitch is simple – all you do is switch your utility company from whatever you are currently using to Ignite, and then you can refer people that you know over to Ignite, and collect a commission.

Their compensation plan is based on a 3×10 uni-level matrix (3 associates, 10 clients) and have wrapped in a number of different bonuses for recruitment. Getting started costs $329 as an associate, and can at that point build an organization.

Ignite: The Other Side Of The Coin

Ignite primarily recommends “relationship” marketing, which means marketing to friends and family members. The challenge with this is that most people run out of friends and family members to speak to about the opportunity. Most people in this day an age do not like to be sold by their friends or family members, and when approached, can many times feel very defensive. Even with a product like energy services, people are not excited about calling up their friends and family and pitching them on their big opportunity.

The ironic thing is that with an enticing opportunity like what Ignite offers, it’s relatively simple to grow a large organization with target marketing approaches. This means moving beyond friends and family and attracting a market of people already looking to save money on their energy bills.

Our final recommendation is that Ignite is not a scam – it’s a good company, with a good offer IF you know how to market properly. If not, then it’s a gamble, as your friends and family probably aren’t going to be the foundation of a significant income.