July 18, 2024
Finding Medical Sales Jobs on Free Job Boards to Maximize Your Gorilla Job Search!

Welcome to our Gorilla Job Search Tactics for a scary market! This is our TRICK AND TREAT Halloween special! Our Gorilla Series will help give you guidance, resources and insider perspective to aggressively begin Job Search utilizing FREE resources, yes FREE resources to find your job in this crushed marketplace.

There is a Trick to finding and utilizing FREE resources to find a medical sales job and we want to Treat you to our Tricks. Let’s get started with what most Job Seekers do when they decided (or their company decides for them) that they need to get a job:

· They blow off the dust on their old resume and lament they have not kept it updated and begin figuring out how to revise it.

· Others have a resume in a pretty good condition, click in a few updates and their engines are ready to go to find a job.

· All Job Seekers run to their computers and start their engines and begin Google Search for Jobs (now that is a time eater!)

· Others try to remember that recruiters’ name they never called back from the past or Google for medical sales recruiters to call (an article forthcoming on that subject alone!).

We are about to reveal the first secret in this Gorilla series right now to help you get to the meat of finding a new medical sales job with FREE Medical Sales Job Boards; the first one is MedRepCareers.com , here is the rest of the Free list and tips on how to use

Remember, this is your Treat, only FREE stuff mentioned this Halloween Eve!

Back to the Job Boards; there are two types of Job Boards:

Jobs Boards that ARE REAL job sites defined as hiring companies and recruiters actually posting their jobs directly to the job board (not a job feed from another board) and you can register and apply to those jobs FOR FREE as a Job Seeker: Here they are.


Now the tricks:

· Most of the above boards have JOB AGENTS, once you sign up go ahead and have them send you e-mails on new jobs that you determine you want to see as they are posted by employers (medical sales, City, State and etc.).

· Post your Resume with caution IF YOU are currently employed on ANY of the big JOB BOARDS like Hot Jobs, Monster or Career Builder….YOUR EMPLOYER could find your resume…not a good trick! If you are unemployed…go for it. MedRepCareers is touting a Recruiter Only access to their resume data base, use your good judgment on that one and your given situation.

Now for the less known FREE SEARCH ENGINE type Job Boards. Very few people know how these work, even many recruiters or employers! YOU CAN use them as a Job Board for FREE, but they are really constructed for REAL JOB BOARDS to help them search engine their jobs. Confusing, yes a bit, you just need to know that the following our “aggregate boards” that crawl over huge numbers of REAL JOB BOARDS & Employer Boards and consolidate them into one spot (hence “aggregate all jobs” and we do mean “all jobs” in one spot). So here are the FREE SEARCH ENGINE job boards:




Now the tricks:

· You must know how to use key word search to slice through all the jobs on these aggregate boards. For example, if you want a medical device sales jobs; put in “medical device sales” in the search area provided on each site and see all the jobs pop up!

· You will see absolutely tons of jobs posted from everywhere, even Job sites that you often have to pay to get on their job board! This is truly a melting pot of all the jobs across the USA from almost everywhere!

· The medical sales jobs that come to the top are the aggregate Job Board customers that are willing to pay extra to be on the top…..so keep going down the list to lesser posted ones….they are all good jobs!

· The last trick, remember, all of these jobs were originally posted on what we are calling on a REAL JOB Board and web spidered to these type of Aggregate boards, it does take 2 to 3 days for them to eventually spider over, but when they do; YOU SEE THE AGE OF THE JOB POSTING to better measure its “job freshness”.