July 18, 2024
3 Weird Screwdrivers and Their Uses

I am sure that everyone has used a Phillips or flathead screwdriver at some point. They are very handy tools and are essential for taking apart various things around the house.

What you might not be aware of is that there are many other kinds of screwdrivers that might be handy to have in certain situations. We have all come across a weirdly shaped head of a screw and it can be frustrating.

I am going to share three types of screwdrivers that aren’t as common that you might be interested in having around.

Now let’s look at these three unusual screwdrivers.

1. First we are going to take a look at a torx screwdriver.

This is that annoying six pointed star shape that you run across every so often. It looks pretty much just like a Phillips screwdriver except the head on the torx screwdriver is a six pointed star shape.

Torx screws are commonly used to put together computers. So, to take apart a computer, you will probably need to have a torx screwdriver. Another thing that uses a lot of torx screws is a car. If you do any work on cars, chances are you will end up needing a torx screwdriver.

2. The second screwdriver in this list is the Robertson screwdriver.

It is named after its inventor P.L. Robertson. This type of screwdriver is used to drive and loosen screws with a square head. It is actually a popular screw in Canada but it is not very common in the United States.

This type of screw is used for many things. Some of the things it is used for include cabinets, decks, vinyl windows, vinyl doors, and many things made of sheet metal.

Here is a fun fact about this screwdriver. When Harrison Ford was first manufacturing cars he wanted to use this screw on his assembly line. However, he wasn’t able to get a licensing agreement so he started using Philips screws instead.

3. The last screwdriver we will look at is the tri wing screwdriver.

Just like the other screwdrivers, this type is much like the Phillips only the head is a Y-shape instead of an X-shape.

This is a very common type of screw when it comes to electronics. In fact, I am willing to bet that you can’t take apart 90{913245eabea901723f6f23dbc2031c63ab6fa64000e98dbba261148d532be0cc} of electronics without using a screwdriver with a tri-wing head. This is very handy to have around so you can fix some of your electronics yourself.