December 2, 2023

As a motivational speaker and sales trainer I have always been fascinated with successful people. Especially the salespeople that out produce everyone in the company. Over the years I have read hundreds of books on sales and motivation to help me succeed.

Below you will find a list of 7 great inspirational books and 101 high-energy motivational sales tips and ideas that will help propel your sales career.

1. Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill
2. How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
3. Who Moved my Cheese, by Spencer Johnson & Ken Blanchard
4. The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino
5. The Strangest Secret, by Earl Nightingale
6. Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey
7. The Laws of Success, Napoleon Hill

Top sales professionals are not only readers they are also positive thinkers. Check out the 101 high-energy motivational thoughts to keep you focused on sales success.

1. Great salespeople have a burning desire to succeed. That’s the edge that separates them from the common employee.

2. It is great making sales! Big sales, little sales, they all feel fantastic. Selling validates our existence.

3. You don’t apply for a multi-million dollar sales job. You build a multi-million dollar sales career.

4. It’s easy to energize your sales career, just make a sale at a high margin.

5. There is a lot of psychology involved in selling. What’s why most people can’t do it.

6. Do things that create lasting success. Take action today and you’ll get something positive tomorrow.

7. Listen to your customers and they will tell you exactly how to sell them.

8. Don’t worry about thinking outside the box. Think about what you can do today to make a sale.

9. You have to have fun. You can’t prosper in this job unless you truly enjoy it.

10. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn how to sell correctly and then repeat that process.

11. First get the customer to trust you. And then, when they buy, deliver your solution with passion!

12. It is more important to understand the principles of selling than the techniques of selling.

13. Appreciate the value of others people, show genuine concern for their needs.

14. Some customers are forceful and strong-willed others are steady and relaxed. You need to learn how to sell to both styles.

15. If you are motivated by money and power you possess the two most important values of a top sales producer.

16. Never be dependent on one source of sales income. Diversify your customer base.

17. When you receive great customer service your are happy. When you deliver it they are happy.

18. Salespeople make it easy for people to do business with them.

19. If someone doesn’t buy from you today, remember they will buy from you tomorrow.

20. You can’t talk someone into buying your product or service.

21. Take a walk in the park and clear your mind. You won’t just feel better, you’ll make more sales.

22. Stay focused and remember it’s all in the details.

23. Visit a trade show and you will see firsthand what is important to your customers.

24. Learn to speak in front of a group of people and your sales will increase tremendously.

25. You must thoroughly understand everything about your sales territory.

26. People buy in spite of salespeople everyday. Don’t ever forget this.

27. You can’t make someone buy from you. You must be in the position to help them when they want to buy.

28. People throw the title of salesperson around too freely. Salespeople make most of their money from commissions.

29. Take the time to develop great sales habits early in your sales career.

30. Take a negotiating class and learn how to overcome your customer’s tactics with your own counter tactics.

31. Remember most people don’t like salespeople. Don’t go into sales to please the masses.

32. Get an early start and work on the most important things first.

33. I still believe that success is when opportunity and preparation meet. Your big break may come today, be ready.

34. Very few people become successful working just 40 hours a week.

35. Make sure you answer the phone with a positive attitude and great energy.

36. Doing a lot of things is not the secret to success. You must do the right things.

37. Adversity is not always a bad thing. It forces you to think.

38. They say you can become an expert in anything in five years. How many years will you wait before you learn how to sell?

39. When a customer buys from you they expect a great Return On Investment, give it to them and they will keep buying.

40. People pay attention to what is interesting. Is your presentation interesting? Are you interesting?

41. I have discovered that when a customer knows you appreciate their business, they give you more.

42. Do you have a sense of humor? Do you know how to make people laugh? Everyone likes to work with people who can make them smile.

43. Pre-call sales planning is very important. Don’t get into the habit of selling by the seat-of your pants.

44. Don’t over estimate your own sales ability or underestimate your competitor’s.

45. Don’t run away from the problem; embrace the challenge to exceed your customers expectations.

46. You should have some positive affirmation circling around in your head. My personal favorite is “My sales are improving daily”.

47. It is smart to always let your customer base know you truly appreciated their business.

48. A determined person possesses a rare combination of rugged independence and esprit de corps.

49. Always give your customers more than they expect to receive.

50. People won’t buy the worst product from a good salesperson, but will buy a lesser product from a great salesperson.

51. Persistence is sometimes the only thing we have, but it’s all we need. If you refuse to quit you will eventually succeed.

52. Ask your customer every once in a while how can I exceed your expectations?

53. A customer once asked me, do you work on Saturday? I replied. . . do you buy on Saturday?

54. Presenting in front of a group of decision makers is a great way to multiply your sales efforts. Look for opportunities to do this.

55. Want to learn how to sell? Watch other great salespeople in action. Observe what they do the same, not what they do differently.

56. If you don’t love what you are doing you just have a job.

57. Customer 57 doesn’t care that customer 56 gave you a hard time. Each customer is unique.

58. If the customer tells you he or she wants to buy right now, and you suggest they think it over, then stop reading and get another job.

59. You will get fewer price objections if you concentrate on your customer’s needs first.

60. Top producers are confident and optimistic. Meek and shy people are rarely great salespeople.

61. It is better to ask for the order once at the right moment than six times at the wrong moment.

62. You must create systems to collect useful information about your customers and update it on a regular basis.

63. A pleasing personality is the foundation for excellent customer service.

64. Product knowledge is about 40% of the success formula, 60% is sales skills and attitude.

65. Having empathy for your customer is important. Sympathy is dangerous and costly to your bottom line.

66. It’s important to understand what your customer perceives as value, not what you perceive as value.

67. Sales people sell the first product, customer service sells the second.

68. Make sure you show appreciation to your internal customers.

69. If it is true that you become what you think about most of the time, what do you think about most of the time? I hope it’s your sales career.

70. It’s all about asking the right questions to the right people at the right time.

71. If the customer asks you to cut the price, ask them why. Let them answer, build some value and then say no.

72. Have the willingness to bend the rules to help the customer achieve their goals.

73. A great salesperson once told me he was successful because he thought about selling all the time.

74. Selling is really not a normal job. The desire for money may get you into sales; the lifestyle will keep you in sales.

75. If you don’t know where you are in the sales process, or where you’re going, then you won’t know what went wrong. And then you’ve got a big problem.

76. If you always have to be the cheapest to make the sale, you are not a professional salesperson.

77. Prepare written questions in advance of meeting your customers.

78. You need to direct your sales energy toward the completion of a goal without an external catalyst.

79. Learn to ask checking questions: Is this what you have in mind? How do you like this?

80. For any group to get beyond mediocre success, they need to get beyond mediocre cooperation first.

81. Top salespeople usually have a persuasive personality. Your job is to convince others to accept the best solution.

82. If you talk you sell less, if you listen you sell more.

83. Do you have at least fifty sales books in your personal library?

84. Smart salespeople are problem solvers. The customer has a problem you solve it. That’s how you get paid.

85. Loyal customers become your second sales force.

86. Great salespeople have internal and external emotional control. We are a lot stronger than most people think.

87. Multi-million dollar producers think differently. That is why they are multi-million dollar producers.

88. Everyone in your organization can help you sell. Be sure to treat them accordingly.

89. Take the time to learn about yourself. Then you will understand the idiosyncrasies of your customers.

90. This profession is all about results. Don’t confuse activity with success. You are only fooling yourself.

91. Great salespeople have the ability to read between the lines in such things as body language, reticence, and emotions.

92. Too many sales are lost because salespeople don’t stay excited about their product or service.

93. Your personality either attracts or repels others. Do you have a pleasing personality?

94. Understanding the complexity of a sales situation is critical to your success.

95. When was the last time you sent a handwritten thank you note to a customer?

96. Your price is too high! You will hear this from your first day in sales until you retire. Learn to overcome it!

97. Sales are like the ebb and flow of the tide. When the tide is out remember it will return. Just keep working and it will return sooner.

98. Don’t forget your mentors. They were the paradigm pioneers. They showed you that success was obtainable.

99. It is what you do when you don’t have to that will determine your long-term sales success.

100. No sales or customer service strategy will work unless you execute the plan.

101. Always give your clients more value then they expect and exceed their expectations daily.